Urban Exhale Massage in Downtown Asheville in the Arras Building

Escape to your inner sanctuary in our five-star massage spa, Urban Exhale Arras, located in the heart of the Arras building off the fitness center. This tropical-infused treatment space floats above the city, offering a gentle reminder that everyone deserves a moment of peace in which they can unwind and let go. Offering two one-of-a-kind services specially curated for the guest of the Arras. To book your massage today, please CLICK HERE

Arras Escape Massage
This exclusive massage features an integrative approach that utilizes all the training of our highly skilled therapists to craft an extraordinary therapeutic experience designed to address each client's different needs and pressure levels. Includes an enhancement of your choice.

Individual Massage:

60 min - $ 135.00

90 min - $ 200.00

120 min - $270.00

Couples Massage

60 min - $270.00

90 min - $400.00

120 min - $540.00

Ultimate Arras Massage
Experience the exceptional in this deeply restorative, ultimate massage, featuring customized, intuitive bodywork and luxurious enhancements of soothing and healing hot Jade gemstones, hot towels, and essential oil aromatherapy.


Individual Massage:

60 min - $155.00

90 min - $230.00

120 min - $310.00

Couple Massage: Offering couples massages 7 days a week 

60 min - $310.00

90 min - $460.00

120 min - $620.00

Tropical-infused treatment space for the moment of peace you deserve Highly skilled massage therapist with Urban Exhale Arras
Urban Exhale Arras. Located off the third floor next to the fitness center

Urban Exhale

Website: URBAN EXHALE MASSAGE Phone Number: 828-301-2113
Open 7 days a week: 10:00am - 8:00pm
In-room massage services available upon request for an additional service fee. Restrictions apply based on room size.